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My book, Power Abused, Power Healed was born from my calling to raise awareness about, and help heal, the abuse of power in the therapeutic world . . . after having heard so many stories from clients and colleagues about how therapists were misusing their power in both blatant and subtle ways. During my writing journey, and in the time since the publication of, my book, however, I have seen again and again the abuse of power in our world occurring not only in the therapeutic arena but in every part of our world…



  • Political
  • Educational
  • Workplace
  • Religious/Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Personal
  • …and in every arena of our lives!

In a similar way, this website began as a place to bring the healing message of Power Abused, Power Healed out into the world. But, as the abuse of power in various arenas of our world has come more and more into the light of day – giving us more and more opportunity to heal — this website has become a more general source of knowledge about the way power is misused in various ways…and about the vast healing, individually and globally, that is possible when we are committed to doing the inner work needed to heal.

As you read, listen to, and watch different aspects of this website, know that I am utilizing whatever happens in our world for teaching. I hope you find it a rich resource for yourself and those around you, and  I hope to inform you, inspire you, intrigue you, and invite you deeper into your own healing journey . . . and that of our world.

My very best to you,

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