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People's understanding of power is sadly,
even dangerously, distorted.

If we are willing to look and see...
We see the misuse and abuse of power all around us -
in politics and government, in business and the economy, in religious organizations, in institutions of education and elsewhere...
including close at home in social groups, neighborhoods, and families.

We either blame power itself -
as in the quotation,
"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,"
or we blame the person for being brutal, mentally ill, evil...
or we blame ourselves but don't yet know what it is in ourselves that's responsible,
that we can discover, work with, and heal.

The deepest truth about power is often, perhaps almost always,
either not known, overlooked, or willfully not wanted to be known.
In essence, the misuse and abuse of power begins within each of us,
with our own relationship with power.
With how our relationship with power came to be -
from the relationship with power each of our parents had,
and their parents before them,
and theirs before them;
from how individual relationships with power affect cultural
relationships with power
and the other way around.
If we look around our world today, we can see the vicious cycle of
wounded relationships with power.
The wake-up calls surround us.

We all have wounds within our psyches and souls.
We all have wounds to our relationship with power.
We all need to heal our relationship with power from the inside out...
for our sakes and for the sake of our world.

Healing is a lifelong journey,
yet as we travel that sometimes rocky,
sometimes painful healing road,
we can begin to feel amazing, miraculous changes within -
both subtle and obvious.
As we truly heal our relationship with power more and more deeply,
we begin to have the ability, clarity, wisdom, and heart to help create
sustainable change not only in our own lives, but also in our world.

We may find ourselves devoting less and less of our power,
energy and our resources to defending against the pain of our
childhood wounding,
and instead become able to use that power, energy and those
resources for truly magnificent good -
not only for ourselves, but also for those around us.

We can step by step come to trust ourselves more fully and deeply,
knowing when we're trustworthy and when we're not; and
knowing also when others are trustworthy and when they're not.

It is my vision that this healing, each one of us at a time,
will expand into our world,
touching each and every person, being, and part of our earth.

Imagine what our world would be like if everyone of us did the inner
work to heal our wounding!

Tap into your deep integrity, your longing for healing,
your longing for real self-responsibility,
and your longing for Truth and Love ... and take the necessary steps to explore, discover,
and heal your wounded relationship with power.
This is the hope - individually and communally.

My hope is that Power Abused, Power Healed will help you in your
healing journey.

With hope and blessings ...

Feel powerless? Read more about Power Abused, Power Healed
Ready To Go Deeper?Arrange A Consultation With Judith

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