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Are you suffering...?Judith Barr

  • At work? At home? With friends?
  • With your partner? With your children? With your family of origin?
  • In relation to food? In relation to money? In relation to power? In relation to fulfilling your potential?
  • With life? With your faith? With yourself?

And are you working hard to cover up that pain? Or . . . do you long to get to the root of the pain?

What if, instead of just another "bandaid" or “quick fix,” instead of just one more attempt at managing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you discovered you could heal your inner wounds fully and to the root?

My name is Judith Barr, and, as a depth psychotherapist, I have helped people do just this for over 30 years.

I have helped people journey into and through their own inner labyrinths to re-connect with themselves at every level of their being. I have helped people understand how healing our inner relationships with ourselves has an impact not only on our own individual lives, but also on our communities, our nation, and our world. I have helped them experience personally, on a feeling level, how their relationship with money is a reflection of their relationship with themselves. And how their relationship with other things such as food, power, other people, and even world events mirrors their relationship with themselves.

I have helped people come to know how frightened they are of feeling; how intensely, although perhaps unconsciously, they defend against their feelings; how to build their capacity to feel whatever is alive inside them to feel; how to use their budding capacity to help them feel the pain from long, long ago instead of leaving the buried pain to create more suffering inside them and in their outer world; and how to utilize this process to uncover all that they are.

I have helped people who want to find their calling, discover that our deepest, most profound calling is to know ourselves . . . discover ourselves, heal the wounds within us that interfere with our being who we really are at essence.

I so love and feel so honored to utilize both my natural and my seasoned gifts to help people in their journeys to healing and becoming.

Maybe I can help you . . .

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